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Utah Man Passes Airport Security With Stolen Boarding Pass
40 min 36 sec ago
Church Members Offer to Adopt Newborn Left in Manger
42 min 14 sec ago
Local law agencies consider equipping officers with overdose-reversing medication
44 min 34 sec ago
Military pilots to practice evasive maneuvers in southwest North Dakota
45 min 55 sec ago
90 Crashes on Slippery Minnesota Roads
47 min 6 sec ago
Protesters Gather for Thanksgiving Meal in Minneapolis
47 min 59 sec ago
Expert Predicts Minn. Will Not Get Real ID Extension, Could Mean Trouble For Travelers
48 min 59 sec ago
Study: SD Ranks 13th for Fights Over Black Friday Sales
50 min 1 sec ago
Holidazzle to Open Friday for 2015 Season
51 min 3 sec ago
Money Raised for Wreaths at North Dakota Veterans Cemetery
52 min 3 sec ago
Man Arrested after Pursuit, Almost Crashing with Deputy in NW Minn.
52 min 18 sec ago
Plumbers Working Overtime Thanksgiving Weekend
53 min 23 sec ago
Fargo Attorneys say Ruling on Drug Dogs Shows Flaws in Law
54 min 57 sec ago
Minnesota Teen Pleads Guilty in Adult Court in Death of Toddler
57 min 14 sec ago
Minnesota Man Abducted, Assaulted Teen; Kept Him Shackled
59 min 29 sec ago

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