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Unemployment rates rise in F-M, North Dakota, Minnesota

The Fargo Theatre sign hangs over Broadway on May 11, 2016, in downtown Fargo. Forum file photo

FARGO—Unemployment rates are on the rise in the Fargo-Moorhead area, and for North Dakota and Minnesota overall.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported this week that North Dakota's not seasonally adjusted unemployment rate increased to 3.0 percent last month, up from 2.6 percent in November 2016 and 2.8 percent in December 2015.

Minnesota, too, recorded an uptick to a not seasonally adjusted rate of 4.0 percent last month, up from 3.3 percent the previous month and 3.7 percent a year before.

North Dakota had the nation's second-largest month-to-month percentage decrease in nonfarm payroll employment of 1.0 percent following West Virginia (1.1 percent), according to the bureau. Minnesota, meanwhile, recorded the second-biggest job gain in this category of 11,900 jobs, or about 0.4 percent, behind Virginia's 14,100 jobs.

North Dakota also had the second-largest percentage drop of seasonally adjusted employment from December 2015 to December 2016 of 1.8 percent. Wyoming had the biggest drop of 2.8 percent during the year.

The nation's not seasonally adjusted unemployment rose from 4.4 percent in November to 4.5 percent last month.

Of North Dakota's three metro areas, Fargo-Moorhead had the lowest unemployment rate of 2.1 percent compared to 2.4 percent in both Grand Forks and Bismarck in November. The Fargo-Moorhead metro's rate was 1.9 percent the month before.