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Voters approve higher taxes

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EAST GRAND FORKS, MN (WDAZ-TV) -- Property taxes are going up for East Grand Forks residents.

City Council voted tonight to approve a ten percent tax levy to be implemented next year to land-and-home-owners.

It may seem like a lot, but last year's increase was eighteen percent.

The year before that was twenty-five percent.

The money collected from property taxes makes up one-third of the city's revenue and helps pay for things like the police department, fire department, public works and parks and recreation.

City leaders say most in town won't be paying the full ten percent.

David Murphy, East Grand Forks City Administrator, "So even though our levy went up, our actual market value went up as well with new construction and other factors. So the amount that that increased levy gets spread out amount, even went up further."

The city administrator says most homeowners will see an increase of between three and eight percent to their property taxes this year.