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Rick Berg speaks about the state's domestic energy in the oil fields

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) -- North Dakotas domestic energy independence, led by the state's oil patch, is getting us national attention, and envy from others.

Congressman Rick Berg met with State officials from California, Oklahoma, and Texas in Fargo to talk about the economic growth and job creating potential of the Bakken formation and its contribution toward domestic energy.

Berg gave the opening remarks at the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform field hearing.

He says the North Dakota attitude is that all energy production is good energy production, and that approach should be taken in Washington, so others states can model what North Dakota has done.

Berg says, "North Dakotas energy production has taken off compared to other states, and so they're here to figure out how that happened, and you know in North Dakota we did it empower, which really includes all above many years ago, and so that's one idea that we want to take to Washington."

Berg says a committee field hearing like this is very exciting and great way to show off our state's current condition

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