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Girl Scout Cookies have first day of sales

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)-- It's the time of year your wallet and your waistline, may be dreading.

Girl scout cookies are here!

Girl Scout troops are stationed across the city tonight for the first night of cookie sales.

This year, there's a website so you can see exactly where and when you can get your hands on some.

The flavors are the same as last year.

Most boxes are 4 dollars - s'mores and the gluten-free cookies will cost you a five spot.

"I enjoy selling them because it's just nice to see like how many people like them and there's a lot of people who do, which is kind of surprising sometimes,” said Girl Scout troop members, Paige Mackenzie and Brooklyn Cota.

Click here if you'd like to track down your girl scout cookies.