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Salvation Army could face budget cuts if goal isn't met

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDA)--The Salvation Army says they’ll have to cut programs if they don’t raise thirty thousand dollars by the end of January.

The cold weather has added an extra challenge for the Salvation Army bell ringers this week.

Because of the dangerous temperatures, half of the kettle locations in town may shut down.

If the goal is not met by the end of January, it could mean budget cuts.

“Our budget must read zero by the end of January, with no deficit whatsoever, so if we do have a deficit in our fundraising at the end of this year, that will have to be adjusted, which will mean that all programs and services will be cut,” said Lt. Matthew Beatty of the Salvation Army.

Salvation Army will continue to accept mail donations, and are even willing to make house calls, bringing a credit card machine to your door.