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Safe Kids Grand Forks receives generous donation

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)--Grand Forks is one step closer to a huge goal, all designed to help keep kids safe.

Grand Forks is one step closer to a huge goal today -- all designed to help keep your kids safer.

The Optimists Club donated more than 6 thousand dollars to Safe Kids Grand Forks -- for a new headquarters.

The group wants to build what they call a "safety city" -- or a replica of a town where they can teach classes on safety for children.

The safety city could be built by ICON Sports Center and the fire station at the south end of Grand Forks.

They also plan to use a model of a home for a more realistic training area.

“So we would have a make up of like a kitchen a bathroom a living room a laundry room a bedroom. Where we could teach things about how to install baby gates, or smoke alarms, fire escape planning,” said Carma Hanson, of Safe Kids Grand Forks.

Safe Kids wants to raise one and a half million dollars for the project.

They say it won't be built until they're closer to their goal.