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Grand Forks man takes "North Dakota Nice" to a new level

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ-TV) -- While most people had a day off -- a local trucker stuck in the snow - braved the cold in order to help strangers.

WDAZ's Kenneth Chase tells us why he's taking North Dakota Nice to another level.

Paulla Solem's snowblower is failing -

"My husband just passed away two months ago and I don't know how to use the snowblower," says Paulla Solem.

So she's stuck in her garage.

But it's this guy -- a stranger -- who’s helping her get to work.

The man took to Facebook to advertise free help in rough weather.

Paulla Solem, "Asked him if he could flatten out my driveway because the plow had gone through because I couldn't get my car through it."

Tylor Bloomquist is a trucker with a day off.

"Today I've pulled one, two three four, five people today and one person last night. I've gotten a bunch of responses from people saying they were stuck and whatnot," says Tylor Bloomquist.

He's out here because his usual route down I-29 is closed.

Car -- by car.

He's getting people out of the snow.

Tylor Bloomquist, "I don't want to see someone stranded in their vehicle stuck in this cold. You know I'd like to see people getting to where they're going."

And on their way.

A trucker with a fire in his heart to help in sub-zero weather.

Paulla Solem, "It's awesome. It takes a very special person to offer to help people he doesn't know."

His new friends say that's just the kind of guy he is.

Tylor Bloomquist, "She's gonna get to work today. I'm just happy I could help."