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Gem of the Week: High flying acrobat

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAY-TV) -- This week's Gem has a very unusual interest.

She might be hard to spot, too - as she is often flying high in the sky.

It may not look like it dressed in a tight fitting tie dye outfit - but Jordyn Wald is getting ready to work out....

Her workout station....a tree.

“This tree has the perfect branch to hang off of,” said Aerial Acrobat, Jordyn Wald.

No weights needed....just something called aerial silk.

“You are just hanging upside down spinning around in circles.”

This 23-year-old gets her exercise by doing aerial acrobatics.

“It's just a happy, fun whimsical way to workout I guess,”

Her workout even attracts a crowd along 15th Avenue South .

Marissa Regan/Watching Jordyn Workout 20:20

"It's pretty cool I've never seen anything like this especially in Grand Forks,” said Marissa Regan, one of many gathering to watch Jordyn’s aerial acrobatics.

"It's pretty cool to put on a show for your neighbors sometimes.”

The girl who grew up with a love for gymnastics got interested in aerial acrobatics three years ago after seeing a show at a music festival.

“I was just enthralled with it, like staring.”

So now when Jordyn isn't waiting tables at Wild Bills or making pizzas at a local pizza shop - you will find her hanging 10 feet in the sky to relax.  

“ It's a mixture of dance, pilates, gymnastics, yoga, all intertwined in one while tying yourself up in knots.”

While she makes it look effortless - Jordyn says it's challenging and not something everyone can do - which is the reason she took it up.

“It takes strength, perseverance to keep doing it, it's fun but its not effortless, it's difficult it's hard on your body, you get bruises everywhere, there is something very special holding yourself up in the air,  you are completely responsible for yourself.”

Jordyn plans to just keep her "shows" local - but admits maybe one day she will take her talent to new heights as a performer or teacher of aerial acrobats.

“It just lets me stretch out, everybody should workout everyday this is just a different way of doing it, it's fun.”