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2014 WeFest arrests on par with last year

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2014 WeFest arrests on par with last year
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Detroit Lakes, MN (WDAY TV) - The Becker County Sheriff's Office say the amount of arrests at WeFest this year was on par with the last.

Dispatch received 225 calls in relation to the event.

40 officers for Becker County Sheriff's department alone patrolled the grounds and responded to those calls, resulting in 70 bookings at the county jail, including 18 for DWI and 15 for disorderly conduct.

Aside from the stabbing on Thursday, they say the only extraordinary arrest was for someone who was under the influence and brought in a concealed handgun.

Luke Sweere/Becker Co. Sheriff's Dept.: “We saw a ride range from DWI to disorderly conduct.  Assaults, some were arrested for theft, minor consumption, so kind of a wide variety.”

There were also 42 medical calls to the WeFest grounds.