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600 teachers from Lake Region attend NESC Inservice to help prepare for upcoming school year


Six hundred teachers from the Lake Region met in Devils Lake Friday to help prepare their classrooms for the upcoming school year.

The Northeast Education Services Cooperative brought teachers together from 20 different schools for its annual teacher conference.


The main topic was how to organize and manage a classroom full of students.

Students will be tested on new Common Core standards for the first time this year.

NESC director Jennifer Carlson says today's inservice gives area teachers a chance to work together to help plan for the year, something they might not get to do otherwise.

Jennifer Carlson, Northeast Education Services Cooperative said, "It also brings together lots of teachers that probably don't have a colleague in the same classroom…such as, the first grade teachers in smaller schools can all get together."

The NESC says the 600 teachers made for the group's largest inservice to date.