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Authorities identify man who died in fiery crash on Interstate 29 south of Grand Forks

7 people remain in custody following 10 hour standoff on Red Lake Indian Reservation

7 people remain in custody following a nearly 10 hour standoff with police.

The standoff, which happened last Friday on the Red Lake Indian Reservation, occurred after gun shots were fired in the direction of police officers responding to a disturbance call.

The standoff started around 6:30 AM last Friday and the police response was intense, with the FBI, US Customs and Border, SWAT teams and many more law enforcement agencies taking part.

A response by authorities that resulted in roads being shutdown.

The standoff happened inside a home on Indian Service Road 40, just east of Redby.

Originally there were 7 people in the home, 5 males and 2 females.

Their ages ranged from 24 to 64 and they were considered armed and dangerous.

By last Friday afternoon only 2 remained in the home and they were forced out with tear gas.

Kelly Brunelle of the Red Lake Public Safety said, "I've been here for 8 years and I believe this is the second time I've dealt with one similar to this."

Multiple agencies were involved including the FBI, Minnesota State Patrol and Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

The investigation is still ongoing and charges are pending.