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Area students skip class Wednesday to get a taste of pioneer life at Bonanzaville

Some area students skipped class to get a taste of pioneer life at Bonanzaville Wednesday.

Volunteers dressed up in common 1800's outfits to explain what it was like to live in that time. Bonanzaville has thousands of students each year visit their village to learn about North Dakota's history. And with over 40 thousand artifacts, everyone can learn something new.

Brenda Warren with the Cass County Historical Society said, "I would so encourage the community to come out to Bonanzaville. They won't believe all the artifacts that are out here. I'm amazed every time I come out here. I learn something new, I see something new. There's just thousands and thousands of things to see."

For over 30 plus years, Bonanzaville has been hosting tours for the community.