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Blair Walk entering third season as Vikings kicker

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Blair Walk entering third season as Vikings kicker
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Minneapolis, MN (WDAY TV) - The kicking game is another thing to keep an eye on tonight, Blair Walsh is in his 3rd season, but it will be his first year kicking outdoors for home games.

Walsh made the pro bowl as a rookie and last season he tied the record for most consecutive 50 yard plus made field goals with twelve. But, in last week's preseason opener Walsh missed a 53-yard attempt.

Blair Walsh/Vikings Kicker: “You go from playing in a dome where you know that every single game no matter what it's like outside, you're going to have a controlled environment. Now you go to a stadium where there's wind and there's variables, sun light, and just stuff that you don't have to take into account for when you're playing in a dome.”

13 of the Vikings games this season will be played outdoors. In the final 6 games of the season, four of them are at TCF Bank Stadium, which should be plenty cold and one game in Chicago. Bundle up Blair!