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BNSF rail officials meet in Fargo to address rail improvements

After unprecedented delays in rail shipments this year and a rapidly approaching fall harvest, North Dakota farmers are worried about future backlogs on an already busy railway.

Some of those ag producers had a chance to come face to face with BNSF officials in Fargo to talk about those worries.

The most recent July survey showed more than 22-hundred overdue BNSF cars and more than half of the rail's grain hoppers were offline.

But Chairman Rose claims the railroad is making significant progress.

He says less than 2 weeks since that survey, there are now 1,600 past due cars.

And within the next week, he expects fewer than 1-thousand cars to be behind schedule.

Rose also tried to dispute claims that BNSF is favoring oil companies over the agricultural industry.

BNSF Railway Executive Chairman Matt Rose said, "we do not believe that, unintentionally or intentionally, we have discriminated against either of these. And if we had to throw the sugar guys in... they would say the same thing. And then we'd need to bring in the coal guys. So this is a network of networks and we know we've got to make it better for everybody."

On Monday, the Senators will lead a similar roundtable discussion in Minot with leaders from Canadian Pacific Railroad.