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Caught on Camera: West Virginia reporter attacked with own tripod

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Glen, WV (CNN) - A man has been arrested in West Virginia for an alleged attack on a news photographer, and that incident is caught on tape.

Howard Lilly was silent, and handcuffed after state police charged him with three felonies, saying he attacked reporter Bob Aaron - and it was all caught on camera.

Bob was standing on a public road shooting video of Howard’s property after animal control had been there investigating allegations of animal abuse.

Corporal R.R. Cervera – West Virginia State Police: "It appears that Mr. Lilly assaulted Mr. Aaron with a tripod of a camera."

Bob's leg was cut and bruised, his finger smashed.

Bob Aaron – Victim: "I said I can't believe this is happening! I think I might even know this guy maybe from Mules or someplace in the past, and he just kind of went crazy there for a minute."

Bob was checked out at a local hospital and is expected to be ok. However his camera? Destroyed. Lilly had nothing to say while being taken to jail. However, troopers say he confessed during their interview.

Corporal R.R. Cervera: "He was very remorseful. He was in tears in there. He just said that he didn't want his family disgraced by being on TV for something they haven't done."

Howard Lilly is charged with felony destruction of property, grand larceny and malicious wounding. He's in jail on a $25,000 cash or property bond.