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Circle of Friends Humane Society brings kittens to UND campus

The Circle of Friends Humane Society brought some furry friends to UND to help recruit volunteers. 

A group of kittens greeted students Thursday on campus.

The Humane Society is trying to find more volunteers to help take care of these and other animals.

They tell us they're targeting students because they often can't keep pets in dorms or apartments and the Humane Society offers them a chance to play with cuties like these.

Andrew Davidsmeyer with Circle Of Friends Humane Society said, "They do everything from socialization of the animals, so they get to play with the kittens. They get to play with the dogs. They also help with some of the grooming aspects of it. We had a couple of volunteers give a dog a bath yesterday."

If you're interested in volunteering, visit the Circle of Friends Humane Society.