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Community rallies to help Denver baby born with no eyes

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Denver, CO (CNN) - A Denver community is banding together to help a family swamped by medical bills after the couple's child was born with a rare disease that prevented his eyes from developing.


At just shy of one month old, baby Chet is cornering the market on cuteness. He has his parents, Samantha and Kyle Smith of Castle Rock, wrapped around his tiny fingers.

Samantha Smith – Chet’s Mom: “I think it's the best thing that's ever happened to us.”

Kyle Smith – Chet’s Dad: “We've wanted kids since we've been together.”

Chet is receiving treatment at the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children after being born with eyelid, but without actual eyes underneath.    

Samantha Smith: “It's definitely a hard road something pretty unexpected, I thought they would just put him on my chest and we would go home the next day.”

He is also undergoing a series of surgeries to correct blockage that is preventing him from being able to breathe properly. Doctors say little Chet will face additional challenges; he will eventually need more surgery to ensure his quality of life. That will include designing some sort of prosthetic for his eyes, but Chet will never be able to see.

Dr. David Horst - Rocky Mountain Hospital For Children: “That's going to be a long term process because he'll grow over the next several years that'll be a process that grows with him.”

Family and friends want to help pay the family's medical costs. They've set up this donation page so the community can help out.

Samantha Smith: “To have him be part of the community and have people love him and pray for him, it's really neat.”

Chet's mom and dad say they know there's a long road ahead, but they'll take it on as a family, one step at a time.

Kyle Smith: “We just want him to lead as normal of a life as possible.”