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Convicted identity thief has tables turned, declared dead

Virginia Beach, VA (CNN) - The Social Security Administration thinks a Virginia man is dead, but he's very much alive. Now, Tyrone Baucom is trying to fix the mix-up with his Social Security number.


Tyrone Baucom served four years in prison for identity theft. Now his identity's been stolen

Tyrone Baucom – Victim of SSN Mix-Up: "The irony of the situation is what goes around comes around and I'm reaping the same thing that I've sown."

But here's the twist his social security number is now attached to a man who died in 2003 - and remember Tyrone  served time for stealing identities, which shows up when you show up for a job interview

Tyrone Baucom: "Every time an employer runs my social, it appears I am fraudulently trying to obtain employment by using the social of someone who is deceased."

The DMV wrote, "unable to assist you for a driver's license due to issue with Social Security." The issue is “Tyrone’s” dead Tyrone Baucom now has the Social of a dead man with the similar name of Tyrone Beason from New York.

Tyrone Baucom: "I know the name because there was an attempt to garnish my wages in the early 2000s for his child support."

Baucom's never had children, and we found in 30 seconds on Google the actual social of the dead Tyrone Beason. The first four numbers of each social are the same. 1-3-4-5. In early May Tyrone went to the Virginia Beach Social Security Administration office, and got this letter June 6 "we are required to substantiate before we can remove the death  from your record."

Tyrone says that was six weeks ago, so he called ten on your side. District manager Anita Asbell of the Virginia Beach Social Security Administration Office put us in touch with public affairs in Philadelphia who is now on it.

Tyrone Baucom: "Why is my life being put on hold just to change a few numbers?"

Social Security Office: "Sir I apologize I know how frustrating this must be for you. Unfortunately there's no way I can answer those questions, we have to do some investigating here and figure out exactly what's going on and how it occurred."


The Social Security Administration now gets it and told Tyrone they trying to fix it. As for Tyrone, he says he's trying to re-start his life after past mistakes.