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Deadline approaching for BNSF to give details about crude coming from the Bakken

Casselton, ND (WDAY TV) - Time is winding down for big rail companies like BNSF, to give states details about crude coming from the Bakken. 


After several fiery tank car accidents, like the derailment in Casselton, federal officials are forcing railroads to disclose more information.

They have until midnight to release details like routes, volumes of oil, and emergency response times.

And for a town like Casselton that's seen consequences first hand, people living here say the more train transparency, the better.

Lee Anderson/Works by Tracks: “So that we have a little peace of mind. A lot of cars go through here. We have no idea what's in them. Oil is obviously a concern.”

Ed McConnell/Casselton Mayor: “We still have to do our emergency preparedness and due diligence. The only effect is the more you use the system, the more likely there is to be a failure.”

If rail companies don't comply or miss the deadline, they may have to stop crude shipments, or pay penalties of $175,000 each day.