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Dilworth man's son-in-law saves life after performing CPR

Dilworth, MN (WDAY TV) - A Dilworth man owes his life to his son-in-law.

Monday night Dilworth firefighter Chris Kohler will receive a lifesaving award for rescuing his father-in-law Ron Nordby.


Kohler received a frantic call saying that Nordby wasn't breathing, and rushed to the scene to perform CPR.

Shortly after, Police Officer John Shorey arrived with an AED, and provided two shocks that helped save the man's life.

Chris Kohler/Dilworth Firefighter: "It was very stressful. I mean in a situation like that it's hard to really. You know you can't really train per-say for it because you know it's a family person, and you know she was very frantic and you know it's just one of those things where you just respond to what's in front of you."

Officer Shorey will also receive an award at Monday night’s city council meeting. 

As for Nordby, you couldn't tell his life was ever in danger.