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DNR seeks lake sturgeon info from area anglers

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outdoors Grand Forks,ND
DNR seeks lake sturgeon info from area anglers
Grand Forks ND 2220 South Washington
Anglers who catch a lake sturgeon in the Red River or its tributary streams and lakes are encouraged to send information about the catch to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

While it is not legal to fish for lake sturgeon in the Red River basin, anglers may unintentionally catch sturgeon while targeting other species such as catfish.

“Little is known regarding the movements and distribution of Lake Sturgeon in the Red River and its tributaries,” said Jamison Wendel, Red River fisheries specialist.

If an angler catches a sturgeon in the Red River or west-central Minnesota lakes and rivers, they should report it to the DNR fisheries office in Detroit Lakes or call 218-846-8340. Anglers should report:

  • Date of capture.
  • Rough estimate of the length of the fish.
  • General location of capture (name of stream and nearest city, road crossing, or landing).
  • Tag number (if the fish has a tag).

Lake sturgeon restoration efforts are focused on stocking and habitat improvement. With careful management, DNR fisheries biologists hope to see the Red River sturgeon population grow and produce bigger fish.

Find lake sturgeon fishing regulations online or in the printed regulations guide. Find general information on lake sturgeon online.