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Dog saves blind Texas man from house fire (w/ video)

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Odessa, TX (CNN) - It was an act of heroism. A blind Odessa man was rescued after a fire started in his home - but it wasn't a fire alarm that woke him up, it was his dog.

Charles Kennedy - Saved by Dog: "If it went on longer, and if it had gotten worse, I may not be here."

A towel accidentally left on the stove is what caused the fire around 4 AM Saturday at Charles Kennedy's home on the 800 block of east 15th street in Odessa. The former employee of the medical examiner's office does not have a smoke alarm and he is legally blind. His dog, jack, woke him up by licking his face.

Charles quickly called 9-1-1 and told them he'd be in the closet away from the smoke. Two Odessa policemen came to his aid minutes later and brought him outside to sit on a bench.

Charles Kennedy: "I fell out of the bench on the ground, then my dog jumped over the fence and he came over and laid down across my legs."

One-year old jack never left Kennedy's side, even as he was put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital. We asked Kennedy 'if Jack could understand every word in the book what would he say to him?'

Charles Kennedy: "I love you Jack. I love my dog."

And the policemen?

Charles Kennedy: "I got a lot of respect for them. Except for ones that give tickets."

His sense of humor is still intact, as is his home which only retained the smell of smoke for a couple of days. It's a true act of heroism from the boys in blue and man's best friend.