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East Grand Forks Council to vote on Project Lifesaver grant

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The East Grand Forks City Council approved a grant Tuesday night -- that will bring tracking systems to the police department. The move will further ensure the safety of those living with alzheimers or autism.

The Police Department's effort to obtain Project Lifesaver stems directly from the death of Anthony Kuznia, an 11-year-old living with autism, who drowned in the Red River after wandering away from home early this past August.

The non-profit organization Project Lifesaver was brought to the attention of police by Alesha Coleman, the mother of a child living with autism who's wandered from home before. She's been involved in the police department's efforts to bring the trackers to the city and has even raised more than one thousand dollars to help families interested in the system.

East Grand Forks Police Chief Mike Hedlund says that the department is looking forward to receiving the equipment and training and that they "hope that [it] will allow us to better respond should we have additional situations with either Alzheimer's patients or autistic people wandering away from home."

The Fargo Police Department has also suggested that parents of children living with Autism invest in these types of tracking devices.