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First ever Unity Fest comes to West Fargo

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First ever Unity Fest comes to West Fargo
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West Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - People are celebrating the first ever Unity Fest at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds today.

Coming together as a community, uniting under the idea of making everyone feel welcome and equal…

Scott Garman/ Co-Founder, Unity ND: "It's a celebration of all that is right and good in North Dakota."

Unity Fest couldn't happen without the 60 to 70 volunteers working hard throughout the day.

Garman: "Bringing people together is what we're all about and just coming here today and seeing how many different people are showing up just to help out, out of the goodness of their heart. It's just a wonderful thing."

Doors opened at 11 and while there, visitors get to enjoy free food...

Kade Ferris/ Co-Founder, Unity ND: "We're not looking to make a buck. We're looking to make a difference."

Speeches from guests like former North Dakota Senator Ryan Taylor...

Ryan Taylor/ Former ND Senator: "I think that Unity ND is a group that wants to build on community for the sake of everyone."

And music…

The Unity Fest celebration even has kids’ activities like coloring and paper puppet making.

Garman: "There's a little bit of something for everyone."

Unity ND all started when white supremacist Craig Cobb tried to take over the tiny town of Leith, but the organization has evolved since the incident.

Ferris: "Unity North Dakota is not just a one trick pony. I think that's the thing we got so much so fast off of the Leith incident. But, really what we're all about is making North Dakota a place where we can preserve good old North Dakota values."

Values like citizenship, community, and patriotism, which are the building blocks of the organization.

Unity Fest will continue into the night with music from DJ Vooch until midnight.

The next event Unity N-D plans on hosting is a round table discussion sometime in the winter.

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