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Fisher, MN Rest Area Re-Opens

More Minnesota services are coming back to life today an area rest stop re-opened its ramps to travelers going through Fisher, Minnesota.

Relief from the 20 day government shutdown means Minnesota travelers can find relief on the road.

"Just get to chill for a bit. You don't get that at a service station. Cars are in and out and you feel like you have to move on quickly," Mike Lavigueur said.

Lavigueur and his family took their time at the re-opened Fisher's Landing Rest Area in Fisher Minnesota.

"The kids can get out and stretch their legs. It's nice to let the dogs out every few hundred miles. They like to do some romping and sniffing of what's in the air." said Lavigueur.

Gary Paulson, a front desk clerk at the rest area, said it is about time.

"I hate to say it but our state was giving a real disservice to all our travelers."

Paulson said he got the call on July 21st, the day before, it was time to go back to work. He was not the only one back on the job.

"We have to clean the windows, and trim around the berms and cut the grass," said David Ebertowski with the maintenance crew.

Not just once, the crew will have to mow three times over the weekend, but, that is ok.

"I Really missed that pay check. (I lost) about $750. Nope, no we don't (get paid back)," said Ebertowski.

Paulson said it was not the money he missed, it was the people. Talking to those people does not just consist of pointing out where the bathroom is.

"The main thing people come in here for is a state map. Getting people out so they can see what there is to do in the state of Minnesota."

Lavigueur said all those tourist attractions are necessities to a good road trip.

"There's so much information you don't pick up as you plan a trip and you want to do all those extra bits."