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Free coffee on Fargo's Broadway

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News Grand Forks,ND
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Free coffee on Fargo's Broadway
Grand Forks ND 2220 South Washington

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - An early morning pick-me-up was camped outside Unglued in Downtown Fargo this morning.

Ian Johnson one of the founders of Young Blood Coffee was making a mean cup of “joe” for passer-byes and it was free.

Misfit Incorporated sponsored this "Coffee on the Misfits" event as a way to promote the new brand, that they say tastes like the brews you find in New York, Portland, and San Francisco.

Dane Johnson/ Misfit Inc. Wordsmith-in-Residence: "Fargo has just embraced what we are all about. We want to support local artists and entrepreneurs and just the creative vibes in Fargo are pretty contagious, so we want to stick around it."

Young Blood doesn't have a store front, but $15, 12 ounce bags are for sale at

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