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Friends and family remember McCain Endres

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One year ago today, Grand Forks parents were devastated to learn their 16-year-old son, McCain Endres died from injuries he sustained in a motorcycle accident.

The site of the accident near Central High School has now become a site of remembrance, not just for the Endres family, but the entire community.

On any given day if you drive by the corner North 6th Street and 2nd avenue North, more often than not you'll see someone paying respects to McCain Endres.

The site of the accident, known as "the pole" has had consistent visitors since May 22nd, 2013. Students hang out here, order food here and stay the night here. Thanks to the Endres family there's now a bench, and it reinforces the notion that this is a place to remember McCain.

Today, friends and family gathered, shared stories, decorated  and left messages. 

Tom Endres, McCain's Father said, "It was just a wonderful moment to see the support that these kids have for mccain and our family and they've been through it all year long with us."