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Gas price to be lower during this holiday weekend

News Grand Forks,ND
Gas price to be lower during this holiday weekend
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Grand Forks, ND (WDAY TV) - If you're one of the many travelers commuting this holiday weekend, you can expect to see cheaper prices at the pumps compared to last year.

Officials from Triple A say gas prices are 15 cents cheaper than they were last Labor Day weekend.

But some Grand Forks residents say they still had to consider the price of gas when deciding whether or not to go out of town.

Daniel Ptacnik/Grand Forks: “Well it's cheaper now so I figure I’d go home this weekend and then I’ll probably just not go home next weekend.”

Scott Balay/Grand Forks: “This is my dad's car right here. Normally I'd be taking the pick-up and with all the traveling I can’t really afford to do that.”

Triple A officials also say gas prices are the lowest they have been this time of year since 2010.