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Hatton, N.D., family fears for missing daughter

Hatton, N.D., family is seeking their mentally-impaired daughter, who has been missing from a Mandan, N.D., halfway house the past two weeks.


The Mandan Police Department is treating the case as a walk-away but family members fear something may have happened to Marissa Rupe, 22, according to her mother Teresa Hayes.

Rupe has bipolar disorder, a low IQ and “poor decision making skills,” Hayes said.

Since May 25, Rupe has not returned to the Mandan Centre, the halfway house where she was staying.

Hayes said Rupe never went more than four days without calling her, but the last contact she had with her daughter was a message on her answering machine at 3 p.m. May 25.

Rupe ended up in the halfway house after being arrested for drug possession and theft, something that Hayes said is partly a result of her mental impairment. She said Rupe didn’t have drug problems until she began hanging around drug abusers.

Because Rupe violated her parole conditions by not coming back to the halfway house, a warrant is out for her arrest. Mandan police listed her as a walk-away, said Sgt. Jay Gruebele.

Hayes does not believe her daughter ran away. “She left with the clothes on her back and not a penny in her pocket,” Hayes said, adding that Rupe becomes “very sick” without medication.

Hayes said the kind of mental facilities that adults like her daughter need are nowhere in North Dakota. “She really needs to be in a setting that is 24-hour supervised like a locked facility.”

The Hayeses, including Rupe’s stepfather Jason Hayes, has appealed to friends in their search for Rupe and is planning to hang missing posters later this week.

Have you seen her?

Marissa Rupe, 22, a mentally-impaired woman originally from Hatton, N.D., has been missing from a Mandan, N.D., halfway house since May 25, according to her family.

She is described by her family as 5 foot 7 inches tall and weighing 130 pounds.

If you’ve seen her, call her mother, Teresa Hayes, (701) 317-5269, or, her mother says, your local police department.