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Hundreds in Fargo-Moorhead rally in support of protesters in Ferguson, Missouri

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Hundreds of people in Fargo-Moorhead are rallying right now in support of the protestors in Ferguson, Missouri, and standing up for Michael Brown.


On August 9th, 18-year-old Brown was shot and killed by police in Ferguson.

In response - people angered by Brown's death started violent protests, which have been going on ever since.

On Veteran's Memorial Bridge in between Fargo and Moorhead many have gathered in support of all the protests that have been going on in Ferguson, but people here are much more calm.

People here say they want to end police brutality -- which many claim was possibly involved in the death of Michael Brown.

The idea of this vigil came up late last week and has since grown into a way to educate people how they can properly and legally protest.

Today -- people were encouraged to bring signs and candles.

They're hoping this protest will.

Organizer Shannon Bacon said, "I think it's really easy to feel like Fargo is so far away but really what we're seeing is part of a national pattern and so it really does matter to have people across the country speaking out and saying actually we're not comfotbale with what happened and it's not ok."