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Iconic Bronze Boot sign moved to Home of Economy

A piece of Grand Forks history has been preserved for the public.

The iconic Bronze Boot sign is now displayed inside the Grand Forks Home of Economy.

The popular eatery closed in 2012, but its sign will rise again not far from the former restaurant.

Wade and Scott Pearson of the Home of Economy. The brothers promised the historic beacon that drew people to north Grand Forks for decades would be saved.

Scott Pearson of Home Of Economy said, "What's important is that it's there for the public and not hidden in a barn someplace or something. We wanted to make sure something like this would be preserved and not just lost."

Pearson says the sign is special to his family because they used to eat at the Boot, especially at lunch-time.

The nearly 14-foot tall sign is displayed...where else?

On a wall in the store's boot section.