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Lake Region Law Enforcement Center brings in assistance to help move forward after difficult summer

The Lake Region Law Enforcement Center brought in some outside assistance to help the facility move forward after a difficult summer.

Consultants from the Cass County Correctional Facility offered tips on how to improve operations at the law enforcement center.

Budget and staffing issues plagued the facility for months, and the juvenile detention center was shut down.

The issues led to administrator Denny Deegan being fired last week.

Ramsey County Sheriff Steve Nelson is the interim administrator.

He says staffing isn't an issue any more.

The law enforcement center will now focus on balancing its budget.

Steve Nelson, Ramsey County Sheriff said, "We're just trying to cut the budget a little bit and try to save as much as we can and try to work through to provide the best service we can for the appropriate amount of financing."

Nelson says consultants recommended working on improving the financial stability of the law enforcement center before considering reopening the juvenile facility.