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Law enforcement officer faces charges for poaching fish on Devils Lake


A law enforcement officer allegedly faces charges for poaching fish on Devils Lake. 

A half dozen anglers from Wisconsin, including one who claims to be a law enforcement officer are in hot water after being busted with 160 walleye.


That's 100 more than the legal limit.

Game wardens with North Dakota game and fish made the bust and they say one of the six men who were caught told them he was also in law enforcement. 

Wardens caught the men on June 20th at the Devils Lake public fish cleaning station.

They had been tracking the anglers, five adult men and one juvenile male for three days after receiving a tip call.

Anglers are allowed to legally catch five walleyes a day, and have a maximum of ten in their possession.

The men had 25 walleyes in their possession, but they admitted they had more where they were staying.

Game Warden Jim Job says a search of their house uncovered the biggest fish bust he's seen.

Game Warden Jim Job said, "At the house we actually found 135 frozen walleyes all packaged up in bags, and with the 25 walleye they were over by a hundred walleyes."

Game wardens confiscated the walleyes from the anglers. Wardens say the anglers returned to Wisconsin shortly after the bust.

Each of the six anglers can face up to a 15 hundred dollar fine for poaching walleyes, along with losing hunting and fishing privileges in North Dakota. They have to be back in Devils Lake to appear in court on August 18th.