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At least 2 months til EGF officials will release legal strategy to get payments on $510k loan

East Grand Forks officials say it will be at least two months before they'll release their legal strategy to get payments on an unpaid $510,000 loan.

They met for two hours behind closed doors Tuesday to discuss their plan.

The council loaned Boardwalk Enterprises the money, but no payments have been made.

At the meeting the council and EDHA board authorized Fargo-based attorney Brad Sinclair, hired to investigate the case to seek payment of the debt.

East Grand Forks City Administrator David Murphy said, "It will be private until the conclusion of the proceedings. once that is concluded we'll release a statement on what the outcome is."

Mayor Lynn Stauss recused himself from the matter, telling council members he wanted to avoid perceptions of conflict of interest in a issue involving his brother.

Records show Dan Stauss has been a partner in Boardwalk Enterprises.