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Legislators continue push for farm bill vote

The farm bill, already 2 years past its due date, may get a serious push later this week.

Senator John Hoeven is working to put the bill on a fast track to the house and senate floor by having the ag conference committee vote to reconcile a final version of the bill. Senator Hoeven says the time for debate has dragged on long enough. The vote Hoeven is pushing will, hopefully, have members compromise on the main issues between the house and senate versions of the bill, rather than leaving those issues up for negotiation. He's hoping to convince members to vote on thursday.

"My point is that negotiation has gone on long enough, actually too long. We now need to have some votes in the conference where we just see how it goes. That will drive compromise on some of the remaining issues which haven't been agreed to," said Hoeven.

If the conference committee does not decide to vote Senator Hoeven says he will not stop pressing the issue.