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Manvel has town celebration

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Manvel, ND (WDAY TV) -Another town festival is being celebrated. Manvel days is taking place.

Hundreds gathered in the small town for festivities, this event is about much more than just a parade and games.

Sirens candy and yes, horses it’s all part of the fun of Manvel Days.

Scott Johnson/Manvel Days Organizer: “We're just trying to provide a whole fun atmosphere for just families.”

But there's more to this celebration than just fun and games.

Chad Overson/ Manvel Days Organizer: “Small group of us started this out. The idea behind it is small town. Bring people in, show them our community.”

Manvel Days attracts more than 1000 people. Some travel from the surrounding community while others travel from out of state.

Mark Hoverson/Manvel Native / Now Lives in Arizona: “The great thing about Manvel is that it is very similar to how I grew up. And that was 25, 30 years ago and so there's a little sense of timelessness to it.”

Days of fun that have grown from year to year. More events for more people. All to support the community.

Hoverson: “It's growing because it's kind of one of the last vestiges of Americana. It's small town.”

Johnson: “In the end we help donate some stuff back to the community. We bought picnic tables; we bought park benches with our profits. We're not doing this to make money. We're doing this to better the community.”

A vintage festival to bring people together to support a small community. Plenty of fun for everyone.

Johnson: “My favorite thing by far is the street dance and it's because both my grandmas will there. So I’ll be dancing with both my grandmas. And my mom and dad are going to be there and my kids are going to be there. And it's really like an old time festival.”

Manvel Days concluded tonight with the street dance and a fireworks show.