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Minnesota Governor Kurt Zellers wants to bring economic development to all of Minnesota

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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - One of Minnesota's four republican candidates for governor says he's the only one who has stood up to Mark Dayton and won.


Kurt Zellers says he wants to bring economic development back to all parts of the state.

He says he'd tackle problems like higher taxes and more regulations.

Zellers is a former Speaker of the House and House minority leader.

Kurt Zellers/(R) MN Governor Candidate: “I'm the one guy in the race who's taken on Mark Dayton on the big issue, which is, should we raise taxes and make Minnesota uncompetitive? I don't think we should. Or should we balance the budget like a lot of families have to do with hard work, doing a little bit more with a little bit less, and I'm the only guy in the race who's taken on Mark Dayton and actually won."

Zellers also says his public relations experience would help him pitch Minnesota businesses in other states.

Election Day is November 4th.