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MN State Employees Rallied Until Budget Deal Was Reached

Before the final agreement between Governor Mark Dayton and Republican legislators, Minnesota state workers were on the streets of Thief River Falls until the end.

Some laid-off employees were rallying, hoping for an end to the 14 day shutdown and an end of uncertainty.

"It's stressful, Because we know we can't spend money and we have to cut back," said Crysta Krantz, whose dad was laid-off during the shutdown.

Kids of the state workers had some big concerns hours before the budget deal on July 14th.

"Because we might not be able to buy food," said one little boy at the rally.

While Governor Dayton met with Republican lawmakers for what would ultimately be a budget deal, state workers pleaded for heads of state to get their jobs done, so they could get their jobs back.

Even more importantly, a sense of worth.

"It is Something to get up for every morning," said Jim Johnson with the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Though this group had been out of a job for 14 days, they were never out of support. People who drove by would honk their horns to give a shout-out to the working men and women of Minnesota; working to replace politics with faces.

" An owner of a liquor store lost $1,000 in one day because he couldn't get a certain type of beer in. It meant a lot to him. He's a small businessman, not a millionaire, small businessman," said Arlene Newman, who was protesting the shutdown.

Now that a deal has seemingly been reached, one state employee said he was ready to go back to work just as soon as he got the call.