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Moorhead student graduating after doctors said she probably wouldn't

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Moorhead, MN (WDAY TV) - When students at MSUM walk across the stage to receive their diplomas in a few days it will be a celebration for all and a special victory for one.

We first met Kayla Dumas in 2007.

She had survived a terrible car accident and was hospitalized for months, most of that time in a coma.

She was traveling to visit family at Christmas and was hit broadside after another driver blew a stop sign.

Six years after doctors told her family a productive life was unlikely for Kayla Dumas, the 26-year-old is preparing to graduate from MSUM with an Advertising degree.

Kayla Dumas/ Graduating from MSUM: "Kind of touching to the heart..."

We first heard about Kayla shortly after her accident in 2007. She was in a coma for 3 months, and while her family and friends had all the hope in the world for her recovery, medical staff said otherwise.

Reporter: "They thought you would be laying in the nursing home?

Dumas: "Yup, forever."

Reporter: "You knew you had it in you all the time?"

Dumas: "I knew I did from the get go. And my Dad when I was in a coma, he said you don't know my daughter when doctors said she will have an unproductive life."

We witnessed her intense rehab to walk and talk again. Baby steps turned to big accomplishments, and today she lives independently, drives on her own, and is about to graduate from college. One reason...

Dumas: "You seriously need to keep the faith and never give up hope."

Kayla and the rest of the MSUM graduates will be honored Friday at 9 am.