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New light bulb technology available

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New light bulb technology available
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Fifty dollars for a light bulb? That's how much Philips is asking for its new L Prize LED bulb. It's not yet available in local stores, but you can invest in similar products.


Say hello to the Philips L Prize LED. It's efficient, bright and expensive.

Ryan Vaughan - Home Depot: "It's definitely worth it when you factor in the operating costs and replacement costs."

The ten watt light bulb costs $50 dollars, but before you walk away consider this. It lasts 30,000 hours or about twenty years. Your standard 60 watt bulb lasts 1,000 hours or about a year.

Ryan Vaughan: "So you'll be replacing them less often, plus they cost about 1/4 of the amount of energy so your energy bill is gonna be a lot lower."

It may take a while before the new light bulb reaches the shelves of local stores, but you can buy similar products like the Philips Ambient LED bulb for about $25.

Your standard incandescent light costs about $83 a year to run. You can compare that with a Philips LED light which costs only about $17.50 to run. That's a savings of about $65.50 a year.

Rodney Lisburg - Uses LED Lights: "I used it for cost efficiency."

Rodney Lisburg recently dished out at least twenty dollars on energy efficient light bulbs for his own home and he says he might spend more for the L Prize LED bulb.

Rodney Lisburg: "To be more energy efficient."

Cindy Jonasson - Want to use LED Lights: "It's gonna be cheaper in the long run because we have to replace the light bulbs we change."

Cindy Jonasson still uses conventional light bulbs, but she's thinking about trading them for the LED lights to save money and the environment.

Cindy Jonasson: "My daughter, she helps me garden and this and that and I want it to be a great place for her and my sons also so I mean we gotta think into the future and for our kids and we gotta start now."

Which is why $50 for one light bulb may be a bright idea after all.

It's unclear if or when Home Depot will get the L Prize LED bulb. But you can order the product online by visiting the company's website.

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