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New Walmart Supercenter in Devils Lake set to open July 16


A business is about ready to expand drastically in Devils Lake.

Walmart is nearly ready to open a brand new supercenter, bringing more than 80 jobs to the area. Walmart officials say it's a challenge turning an empty building into a functioning store in a matter of weeks, but they say they're on their way.


About 150 employees are working full time to fill in the shelves and set the store up. 

That's nearly twice the number of workers at the current store.

The supercenter will have seven times the grocery space, along with car care and vision centers.

Officials say it took some time to figure out how to divide resources between the stores.

But store manager Monica Griedl says the process is going quickly and smoothly.

Walmart Store Manager Monica Griedl said, "When I first saw it with fixtures in place, and my management team was with me, it literally brought tears to my eyes and just seeing every dig in and work so hard and put so much effort into it."

The grand opening for the new store is scheduled for 8 AM on July 16th.

Griedl says Walmart is still looking to hire more workers, both full and part time.