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Northlands Rescue Mission holds special Easter lunch

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Northlands Rescue Mission holds special Easter lunch
Grand Forks ND 2220 South Washington

Grand Forks, ND - Today was a special time for many in the valley, with Easter church services and brunches in abundance.

A time of joy and gathering that was no different at the Northlands Rescue Mission in Grand Forks.

This afternoon the Northlands Rescue Mission held a special Easter lunch for the community.

The food prepped, the plates laid out to soon be filled. It's Easter Sunday at the Northlands Rescue Mission.

Roger Quinn/ Northlands Rescue Mission: "To give people who might not have the opportunity to have a nice meal like this. The opportunity to come in a safe, warm place and enjoy their Easter."

Around 100 meals made; 9 hams, 50 pounds of potatoes and 45 pounds of green beans used.

Gina Wilkie/ Northlands Rescue Mission: "Everybody comes here you know for a place to go. And I enjoyed being here this Easter. "

A heartwarming meal for all to enjoy, including friends Kenneth and Michael who have been making their way across Minnesota heading towards Western North Dakota.

Michael Dickson/ Northlands Rescue Mission: "I think it's great. To do this for people they don't even know. It's phenomenal. To have a meal and a place to sleep. I was so tired yesterday. We walked for miles."

While today's meal was filling. It was about much more than just the food.

Wilkie: "To give others happiness they're not getting elsewhere."

Kenneth Martinez/ Northlands Rescue Mission: "It's been wonderful. Met a lot of nice people. Talked to a lot of people. Had a little bible study amongst each other and enjoyed it. What else can I say. It's been great."

Food and time shared together. Showing that it's about much more than the table that you sit at.

The food used to make today's Easter Lunch was all donated and the meal was free.

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