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NWS says tornado touched down south of Dickinson

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DICKINSON - A tornado reportedly touched down south of Dickinson and west of Lefor on Monday night, the National Weather Service said.


“We had multiple reports of a rotating funnel cloud and had some pictures of it and finally got a report of it on the ground,” said Michael Mathews, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Bismarck.

The tornado sighting was the apex of a wild weather evening in Stark County as severe weather slowly moved through parts of southwest North Dakota, dropping hail the size of golf balls and baseballs south of South Heart and Dickinson.

Mathews said there were no reports on the size of the tornado, which he said was about 13 miles south-southwest of Dickinson.

A tornado warning was briefly issued earlier in the evening for south and east central Stark County, but no tornado or funnel cloud was ever confirmed.

“We had really no reports of any well-defined rotation or funnel clouds,” said Patrick Ayd, also a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Bismarck.

The storm stayed mostly south of Interstate 94, though there were other cells north of Richardton and Medora. The largest part of the storm was l