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Over 40 road construction projects in Grand Forks

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If you've been driving around Grand Forks this summer, then you've most likely noticed all of the construction projects going on around town.

Work is being done on South Washington, the Columbia Road Overpass and Gateway drive  just to name a few.

But as we near the mid-point of summer, how close are we to seeing an end to all the road work?

There are actually over 40 different construction projects going on in Grand Forks this summer. The ones on everyone's minds are the projects on South Washington, the Columbia Road overpass and now this week, work which just started on Gateway Drive.

Right now, the on and off ramps from I-29 to Gateway Drive are under construction for pavement repairs.

In August that construction will move from the ramps to Gateway Drive.

Similar to work that's been done throughout the summer on South Washington.

Concrete repairs, installation of new traffic lights and adjustment of turn lanes being the focus on Washington.

While surface repairs and replacing a weight barring are taking place at the Columbia road overpass, which also underwent construction last summer.

Grand Forks Principal Engineer Mike Yavarow said, "there were some repairs done to it last year and this is more extensive repairs done to the driving surface."

Now with all that being said. There is goods news for all of us who drive.

City engineers expect the Columbia Road project to end next week and for the bridge to be open.

South Washington work has experienced some setbacks, most notably delays in getting traffic signal arms and lights.

But the engineers hope for that project to be done by August and the work on Gateway Drive to be completed around the start of September.