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Park River woman organizes fundraiser for Jose Lopez's family

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Two weeks after 24-year-old Jose Lopez was shot and killed in his Grand Forks apartment during a burglary, friends and family are hoping to rally community support.

One of those friends is a Park River woman on a mission to get people to come out to a fundraiser next weekend.

Flyers are going up all across Grafton Friday. It features a picture of Jose, or Joe Lopez, his 2 year old daughter, and his fiancee Kelsie. The flyer is asking for the public's support in a Park River fundraiser next weekend.

Margaret Borgeson, and her five year old daughter Abby of Park River, spent the day in Grafton hanging up the fliers at several businesses.

She's a family friend of Monique Lopez, who is Jose's sister.

Jose Lopez was murdered in his Grand Forks apartment June 24th during a burglary.

Lopez died protecting his fiancee and daughter.

Borgeson says after hearing about the tragedy, she felt compelled to help the family.

Margaret Borgeson, Organizing Fundraiser for Murder Victim's Family said, "We really want to get the community involved. There was a lot of people that wanted to help them out and I just decided to step up and do something for them and really just kind of open up the doors so that people would have something they feel like I accomplished something, I did something for them."

The Benefit will be Sunday July 20th from 11 to 2 at the Park River American Legion.

There is also a memorial fund set up at Koda Bank in minto.

If you'd like to volunteer or donate toward the event click here