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Pembina Gorge Fossil Dig is underway

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Pembina Gorge Fossil Dig is underway
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Pembina Gorge (WDAY TV) -- It's a fossil diggers dream. The week-long 2012 Pembina Gorge Fossil Dig is underway, giving people a chance to uncover history.

More than 100 amateur diggers are coming together this week to try to find a piece of history using machines and sheer man power.

Trissa Ford: "4 hours it took to get us up here."

But that's nothing for others, traveling more than 16 hours from Colorado and 30 hours from Florida, all for one thing...

John Hoganson: "It's the thrill of discovery."

The Pembina Gorge holds the oldest rocks in North Dakota, and therefore, the oldest fossils. Diggers are looking for animals from 80 million years ago that would have lived in an ocean that covered the entire state.

Trissa Ford: "This is cool because we've never done a sea layer before.. finding fish bones and looking for a mosasaur ."

John Hoganson: "Fish diving sea birds that were 4 or 5 feet tall were all living in this ocean."

Steve Fillipi: "It's just a beautiful day doing some digs, finding a few bones and some fish scales and vertebra. It's really interesting."

Sydney Fillipi: "I like to find all the fossils and bones. It's really interesting to see if you can actually find them."

The digs continue through July 15th.

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