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Pennsylvania woman attacked by deer in front of workplace

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East Huntingdon Township, PA (CNN) - It was a startling situation for a Pennsylvania woman when she found herself under attack by a deer in a parking lot. The very sick and possibly rabid deer was captured, but did not survive.

Rachael McGough – Victim"It was just trying to get at me."

30-year-old Rachael McGough had a surprise visitor when she went to open the Sherwin Williams store in East Huntingdon Township yesterday morning.

Rachael McGough – Victim: "I came around the corner and looked and there was a deer standing in front of the liquor store window. So, of course you have to get a picture of that."

She snapped some pictures, but you can see the animal moving - eventually right at McGough.

Rachael McGough: "It was right in front of here, and it started to pounce on me. I had a couple bags on me, my computer bag and clothes. I kind of shoved them at it trying to get it away."

McGough said when she realized the deer was actually trying to attack her, she tried to hurry up and get inside her store. But there was just one problem - the strap on her purse and laptop bag got tangled, and she was stuck.

Rachael McGough: "I'm being attacked by a deer. This is crazy."

Luckily, two men at the McDonald's nearby saw her and ran over to help.

Rachael McGough: "These two guys came running down from McDonald's and tackled him. They got the tie straps and had his legs down."

You can see in this video that the deer had some sort of health issue. She was scabbed all over and foaming from the mouth. McGough called the game commission, who said they would test the doe to see what was wrong with her. The deer ended up dying, but McGough wasn't hurt. She thanks the two good Samaritans for that.

Rachael McGough: "If they weren't there. I don't know what would have happened. He would have taken me down. I wouldn't have even had my phone on me. It was in my bag. It could have been bad."