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Police: High-risk sex offender changes address in Grand Forks

The Grand Forks Police Department released a notice today that a high-risk sex offender has changed his address in Grand Forks, according to a press release.
 Michael Jeremy McGee, 27, who is classified by the state Sex Offender Risk Assessment Committee as high-risk, has moved to 1002 B University Ave. in Grand Forks, according to the release. He was convicted of aggravated sexual assault in 2003 after he and another person held down a woman in her bedroom and raped her. He was a juvenile at the time.Under North Dakota law, police are required to publicly disclose information about registered sex offenders if they are considered of moderate or high risk and if authorities determine the notification is necessary for public protection.According to the release, there are currently 104 sex offenders who live, work or attend school within the city limits. Of those 104, seven are considered high-risk, the release indicated. The rest of the registered offenders in town are considered either moderate-risk or low-risk.