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Police investigate the death of 19-year-old in Grand Forks

Police are investigating the death of a 19-year-old Grand Forks man.

Police say Evan Poitra was found dead in his home by his family members around 6 this morning. Officers say it appears it was not a suicide. Among the several possible causes being examined is the possibility of a drug overdose, Lt. Jim Remer said. “But that’s just speculation.”

Details on his death are vague at this point. Meanwhile, this is a very difficult time for family and friends, Poitra's Facebook page has flooded with heart-felt messages and support for the family.

This morning Police responded to the Poitra home at the one thousand block of 18th avenue south in Grand Forks.

Poitra was found unresponsive by family members.

We spoke with family members today who said they did not want to comment on the situation at this time.

Police say it appears Poitra did not take his own life.

LT. Jim Remer with the Grand Forks Police Department said, "at this point it doesn't appear to be that way. obviously we're in the early stages of the investigation. it's still only been less than 12 hours since we started this. we just don't know at this point, it doesn't look that way at this point."

Police also say there are no signs of foul play.

Many questions remain surrounding the death of the young man, who graduated from Red River High School last year.

Police say it could take several weeks before autopsy results are available.